Agency Vs In-House Marketing

Marketing professionals have two career paths to choose between – working in an in-house marketing team or working in an agency. Both surroundings offer unique opportunities and very different challenges and will be suited to different people.

Working in-house with other colleagues in that industry allows you to be much closer to the action in that particular industry.  Your product knowledge and industry expertise is likely to build much faster – you will be living and breathing the brand, so are a fantastic ambassador for it.

Working in an agency often means working with clients with businesses in a range of industries; the expertise you are building is in the skills you can bring to help the clients build their business.

With the high expectations and pace of work, you are likely to pick up skills much faster in an agency. You are expected to pick up accounts and run with them, so you will be learning and moving at a greater pace.  However, in-house would likely give you space to explore and experiment with strategies – you will be more likely to see a project through from concept to completion. 

There are strong positives for working on both sides of the fence, and an understanding of how both work is beneficial. The skillset you will build in each position is different, and it really is a matter of opinion. But in our opinion we love it on this side of the fence!

August 18, 2017 - This article was written by Rosie Lulat

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