Building a Brand in the Digital Age

Marketing used to be so simple. You built your brand in the minds of customers by mass market advertising via TV and print. Then you strengthened your messages via trusted media routes delivered by a targeted PR campaign.

Product purchase was made in store and everyone went away happy. Today, it’s not so much of a one way street. Technology is now the gatekeeper for brands, not the media. And the retail experience isn’t the only way to engage with a brand.

Brand control lies in the hands of the customer as, collectively, they can have a much louder voice than any amount of marketing spend you can throw at it.

Here are five things brands planning a strategy in this dynamic landscape should consider:

1. Customer experience is king
Sexy social and cool content will mean nothing if other brand touchpoints offer poor customer experience. Consistency of brand across all channels is essential.

2. Talking technology
Understanding how customers access your brand is key. There’s no point mailing expensive brochures if users can’t effectively engage with your brand via a smartphone.

3. Insight driven
Know your customers inside out and serve them content that reflects their interests – not yours. This is the content they are searching and engaging with – put your brand at the centre of the conversation and you’re on to a winner.

4. Content and search
If google is a gateway for brands, you need to play by its rules. If customers can’t see you online, your brand is going nowhere. Genuine content is on authoritative sites drives rankings so PR now plays a big part in your visibility.

5. Know your story
Before you can communicate your brand story, you need to write it and ensure it resonates with your audiences. Once that’s nailed, stay true to your values and your customers will know, understand and if the story is right, love you.



March 10, 2016 - This article was written by Julie Cheston

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