Halite Energy Group

Launch of a new website, collateral, newsletters and exhibitions

Texan based company, Canatxx, approached us following two unsuccessful attempts to gain planning consent for their £600m gas storage project. Previously, communications had been handled badly and relationships with the local community and media were at a low ebb.

The Write Angle undertook a full rebrand of the company resulting in a new name, Halite Energy, and created a compelling message: ‘we are listening, your views count’.

We recognised the importance of engaging in meaningful conversations with the range of audiences that Halite needed to talk to including local authorities, MPs and members of the community.

Our team managed a robust consultation process that included the launch of a new website, collateral, newsletters and a series of exhibitions where technical experts could meet one-on-one with the community. A project video was also produced to simplify the technical intricacies of the scheme.

As a result of our work, negative publicity around the project reduced from 85% to 15%, with positive articles secured in local, regional and national press including The Financial Times, Utility Week and Planning Magazine.

Relationships with key audiences were nurtured and the application was accepted for examination by the Planning Inspectorate in December 2012. The project received consent from the Department of Energy and Climate Change in July 2015.


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