Five Things the Kardashians Can Teach us About Content

I’m not afraid to admit that I’m a huge Kardashian fan, but love them or loathe them, the K-bunch are masters at content.

Regardless of their ongoing spats or how often they’re ridiculed in the news, they still manage to keep fans coming back for more. Sex tapes aside, the reality TV show family can teach us a thing or two about keeping an audience hooked

1. Know your target market

The Kardashian (and now Jenner) empire has grown phenomenally, from reality show fame in 2007 to endorsement deals of all shapes and sizes. They’ve been so successful because they know their audience – a fan base of predominantly females aged between 18 and 34 that thoroughly enjoy ‘Keeping Up’ with their every move.

They create aspiration, with fans thriving on the behind-the-scenes insight into their lavish lives, what products they use, makeup they wear and would do just about anything do be like them. (Yes, I may have wasted an hour of my life frantically trying to get my hands on one of Kylie Jenner’s exclusive lip kits, but that’s a whole other story for another day!)

No matter what your brand objectives, you need to know exactly who you’re targeting, from their habits, wants and needs. This requires research and is perhaps the most important step of any good content strategy. Establishing who your audience is helps to plan future content and what relevant platforms to focus on.

2. Cross promote on different platforms

The Kardashians excel at cross-platform consistency and building a compelling, unique narrative. From photo shoots and outings with friends, these intimate moments can be viewed on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, to name but a few.

This is a strategy employed by every family member, but notice carefully how content is spread evenly. A picture on Instagram will be shared the next day within a larger piece on their website. This is because audiences are segmented and like to consume content in different ways.

3. Tap into what’s hot

Adding to the Kardashian’s long line of commercial success stories is Kim’s mobile gaming app. It’s a stroke of genius, especially when people around the globe are hooked on their devices, which is therefore no surprise that mobile spend by brands has gone through the roof, with sites like Instagram and Snapchat now some of the hottest tools for advertising.

The concept of the game itself aligns perfectly with their lavish brand, with gamers progressing through multiple levels to reach that all important ‘A-List’ status. Having already taken the top spot on iTunes, Kim, who has a near 50 per cent stake in the game, has so far raked in $85m according to Forbes.

If you, like me, struggle to keep up with the Kardashians then there’s now an app for that. Back in late 2015, the sisters launched a suite of subscription-based lifestyle apps, which lured a million subscriptions in one week. This, coupled with Kim Kardashian-West’s new range of emojis, aptly titled ‘Kimojis,’ proves how they’re superstar content creators and won’t let anything stand in their way of forging a direct connection with their fans.

4. Network and collaborate

The sisters aren’t shy about showing off their famous friends and it’s these relationships with individuals that have substantial followings in their own right, which help to extend their reach even further.

Kim Kardashian-West’s 40 million-strong Twitter following, which is more than more than some of the UK’s biggest brands combined, didn’t come without a little help from her celebrity friends and not to mention, her world-renowned singer-songwriter-producer husband.

The family also serves as its own marketing army by driving each other’s content, something that is useful to many brands. Turning your employees into social media advocates can be a powerful tool and by them recommending your services or products to their networks demonstrates confidence in the quality.

5. Connect with your audience

The Kardashian’s relationship with their fans is the foundation of their success. Despite their flaws and criticism, they remain relatable and always put their family first.

Though many Kardashian haters may argue where their talent lies, there’s no denying that their content strategy works as they’ve become not just a commercial, but a cultural force to be reckoned with.

February 10, 2016 - This article was written by Jenny Woolley

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