Getting Behind The Wheel With DWF

The market for legal services is becoming increasingly competitive. Changing fee structures, changes to business ownership and the overhaul of legal aid all present major challenges to law firms, regardless of their size or location.

From a marketing perspective the challenge is undoubtedly one of keeping up with technology coupled with demonstrating a firm’s stand-out through innovation and ‘ownership’ of key issues that affect our world, namely thought leadership.

One law firm that has recognised the importance of standing out from the crowd by becoming thought leaders on topics of significance to their clients and their influencers is DWF.

They did it successfully by commentating on the Ebola crisis, positioning themselves as the go-to law firm on the subject. And they continue to be trail blazers on the subject of driverless technology, a topic which is sparking growing debate.

We are proud to have worked with DWF to create a piece of digital content that is putting them in the driving seat on the subject of a driverless Britain.

The interactive site, utilising super-shareable technology, explores some of the legal issues surrounding autonomous vehicles including insurance, dangers of cyber-attacks on vehicles and the infrastructure that will be required to facilitate it.

In doing this DWF has clearly understood the concept that content is king. And they have grasped the fact that in a world where mobile technology, social media and visual content are the leading the way, they need to invest in content that is informative, relevant and sharable.

Andrew Clough, senior marketing manager at DWF, comments: “As a leading legal business, DWF has to have its finger on the pulse when it comes to the big agendas that affect our clients and we have to be cognisant of the speed of change in sectors such as technology. Autonomous vehicle technology is evolving at pace and this campaign will help us to lead the conversation.”

The site can be viewed here:

November 27, 2015 - This article was written by Jenny Woolley

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