PFP retention success

A targeted retention strategy for PFP Energy implemented by TWA has helped convert customers to new fixed tariff.

With thousands of energy customers coming to the end of their contract this autumn, we developed a targeted retention strategy for PFP Energy to help convert this cohort of customers onto a new fixed tariff.

In such a competitive industry, good customer retention is crucial. But too many suppliers, especially the ‘Big Six’, rely on tariffs and price cuts to woo and acquire, quickly forgetting about their existing customers. Retention means strong brand loyalty, which inspires new customers through word of mouth.

As a challenger brand that describes itself as ‘refreshingly different’ we developed an initial nurture campaign, feeding customers with regular helpful and engaging content via email and social, focused on ways to save money and help with understanding their energy. Weaving in key messages subtly reinforces PFP values, showcasing the benefits of being with the supplier.  

This build up meant customers were far more engaged with the brand once the retention campaign began. Working closely with PFP’s billing partner, we developed a series of retention e-shots, each leading the customer through the renewal journey, starting with a TWA-designed landing page.

This campaign now forms part of the energy supplier’s ongoing retention strategy.

September 24, 2017 - This article was written by April Manning

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