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When I first started in PR many years ago life seemed quite simple. You wrote a press release, sent it out (by post – or fax if it was really urgent!) and then secured coverage in print media. Job done.

In 2016 things aren’t quite so straightforward. The way we communicate has changed beyond recognition. Now the humble press release can be repurposed and utilised in so many ways – yes, it is still circulated to the media (print and online) but the story can be retold on a company’s website, on social media, in e-newsletters and in a series of blogs and guides. The list goes on.

With these changes the lines have blurred between agencies and the battle for who ‘owns’ channels such as social media rumbles on.

In an age where content is king one thing that remains true is the importance of finding the angle and telling the story to promote your brand. That’s something that PR practitioners have always been good at.

It just so happens that the ‘story’ can now be articulated through a range of different channels and in forms other than the written word. Seeing is believing now, and according to a recent study 65 per cent of senior marketing executives believe that visual assets are core to how their brand story is communicated.

At The Write Angle we’ve developed an approach which places content at the centre of everything we do. Our content hub is created through insights into a client’s brand story coupled with an understanding of what’s on the mind of their customers/prospects. These two elements drive and inform the creation of the content, which can then be pushed out through the channels that exist…

Our approach

With true customer engagement the holy grail of successful communications, the importance of creating content that is relevant, informative and resonates with your audiences will undoubtedly continue to grow.



January 14, 2016 - This article was written by Jenny Woolley

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