The one with the dedicated agency

Like most agencies, we’re committed to delivering the very best results for our clients, and sometimes that means venturing out of our comfort zone.

So to celebrate #FriendsFest, here are 10 Friends-inspired examples of situations where we’ve gone above and beyond the call of duty for our clients (sometimes with hilarious consequences).

1. The one with… the wedding dress

When a client asks you to stand in as a wedding dress model right at the last minute and passers-by think it’s actually your special day.

2. The one with… the celebrity’s lingerie

When you’ve got a celebrity to model your client’s luxury lingerie but forget to bring them to the photo shoot and have to run for miles back to the office.

3. The one with… the fake proposal

When you’ve pitched a story to media about women proposing to men on a leap year but your case study isn’t available so you have to get down on one knee.

4. The one with… hard hats and high-vis vests

When you’ve been summoned to a press call at your construction client’s building site so many times that you bring your own health & safety gear.

5. The one with… slippers in the office

When you’re forced to wear slippers in the office because you got chill blains during a press call on the coldest day of the year.

6. The one with… the dinosaur costume

When you draw the short straw and have to don a stupid dinosaur costume for a day to entertain screaming kids.

7. The one with… the beer barge

When your client organises a beer barge on a Thursday afternoon and you’re trying to maintain a professional relationship despite round after round of shots.

8. The one with… the hitch

When you need to get to a media interview but have no form of transport so decide to hitch a lift in the back of a refurbished ice cream van with no seats.

9. The one with… the sea sickness

When your boss decides it’s a good idea to host a corporate regatta for your client despite you suffering from chronic sea-sickness.

10. The one with… the chase

When your brand ambassador is late to a charity parade and his taxi joins the procession so you are forced to chase on foot like a crazed fan.

By Ryan Owen Gibson @ryanowengibson

September 4, 2015 - This article was written by Jenny Woolley

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